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terrorists working for western countries, gulp 

fun pages: minorities or should I rather say "majorities"? My attempt to show you that the majority is just another minority.

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  • 6 The American ruling class ( very good article )
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  • Why Finland is not a democracy, and why ruling is not done in a democratic way?
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  • Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do ( highly recommended reading )
  • Victimless Crimes
  • Freedom Many advocates for the removal of victimless crime laws believe in the inherent freedom of individuals, and do not believe the government should be allowed to regulate actions of people unless those actions impede on the rights of others. These views are based on libertarian philosophies such as self-ownership, the Zero Aggression Principle, and individualist anarchism.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victimless_crime_(political_philosophy)
  • http://www.mcwilliams.com/books/books/aint/toc.htm
  • "When #Israelis in the occupied territories now claim that they have to defend themselves, they are defending themselves in the sense that any military occupier has to defend itself against the population they are crushing... You can't defend yourself when you're militarily occupying someone else's land. That's not defense. Call it what you like, it's not defense."
    -Noam Chomsky-

    World has put up with Zionist apartheid for too long
    Israel’s holocaust of innocents in Gaza has not sated the blood lust of its Zionist rulers, with the death toll rising to over 110 and the injured numbering more than a thousand – less than six days after the latest murderous offensive began.
    Preparations for a ground offensive involving up to 75,000 troops threaten a repeat of the slaughter carried out by Israel four years ago in Gaza when more than 1,400 Palestinians were killed during a three-week killing orgy. More here...
  • CIA involvement in drug trade ( or what else is not new, remember Noriega? The contra affair under Regan? )

    But lets have a look at substance abuse and death statistics and more.....DrugStatistics 

    See also the World Health Organizations report on Cannabis and the health report of the UN

    proposition 19 - Control and Tax Cannabis. Watch video here

    Main Points in the Fake Drug-War

    Here will go the 3 BIG LIES of the corporate media and the corporate governments:

    A fucked up society: My opinion and those of scientists, doctors, former chief of police etc. about DRUGS ( legal and illegal ones )SEX and ALCOHOL

    Mob-rule or tyranny by the majority and what a free society is NOT about. Full of shit . Went to a conference and the "experts' were full of shit.

    From now on links to pages expressing my opinions ( or opinions I mostly agree with ) 

    Organizing some of my older pages ( and a few new ones )

    Iraq Deaths Estimator

    Being in disagreement ( comments from Uranus) with the general propaganda and lies I often hear in Finland. Some statistics, data and opinions about Finland and I did a statistical comparison with Germany.

    A country that has 4,9 more foreigners then Finland, a higher unemployment rate then Finland and a higher refugee to immigrant ratio then Finland.

    About Finnish racism and censorship Finnish " honesty, "least" corrupted, most "democratic", "fair", "compassionate "and more of this rubbish the Fins believe of them self or pretend to believe and want that those who got MORE then a taste of the Finnish racism, xenophobia, discrimination, cowardliness , sspinelessness, backs tubing sociopathic Fins believe in this lie too.

    Click on this link so you know when the Fins got their first book in Finnish and from what time on Finnish literature started. A few thousand years after the Greeks. 1800 AC something.

    But there is resistance in Finland:link A link B

    and one more link and lets also read something about political Islam. The same government that wants to restrict freedom of speech in Finland has not criticized radical Islam which wants the Sharia law in Finland.( Finland is the second EU country after the UK to have a Muslim fundamentalist political party ) Better known as political Islam. The wahhabi version from Saudi Arabia

    Palestine and Israel. Click on link to see the occupied territories of the Westbank. Maps and a blockspot about the massacre, Zionist quotes and some more quotes and more quotes and history of Palestine to see index page. Those are all outside links.

    Turkey: Kemalism, Turan and much more..

    : 911 and the World trade center Bush Cheney terrorism and one more page about the worldtradecenter

    Declaration of Human Rights
    European Court for Human Rights
    or see the extended version here
    As of February 2006
    Introduction of how to get started
    You can order the documents also on their website ( of ECHR )

    The pdf application in English
    In Finnish

    You might need this free ware program to copy text from the pdf application in to abiword
    Install a spellchecker from link below 
    dictionaries for abiword
    A few words about the European Court of Human Rights and the supreme court of Finland.
    About 5000 people appeal to the supreme court in Finland annually. Only 1% can appeal.
    It's very similar with the European Court of Human Rights. 1% or less.
    Last time I checked the European Court of Human Rights had about 3 verdicts per month.
    Europe has 500 million citizens.
    Finland Collects Human Rights Court Judgments

    Finland has received more judgments handed down by the European Court of Human Rights than the rest of the Nordic countries together over the past 15 years.

    According to the newspaper Turun Sanomat, Finland has received a total of 75 binding decisions, of which all but one have been made over the past 15 years.

    Sweden, for example, has received a total of 22 court judgments, Norway 19, Denmark 9 and Iceland just one.

    In April, the European Court of Human Rights reprimanded Finland over the eight-year long case of a Helsinki man. The court intends to hear nine Finnish cases concerning questions of freedom of speech.

    Finland has, so far, lost three-quarters of its cases before the court.


    The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has found Finland guilty of human rights violations 75 times, more than other countries in Europe, reports the Turku-based daily Turun Sanomat.

    “Finland has already received 75 guilty verdicts from the ECHR. Except for one verdict they are all from within the past 15 years. During this same time period Sweden has only received 22 such verdicts. Norway’s tally is 19, Denmark’s is nine and Iceland has received only six guilty verdicts.

    In the four peak years Finland received more guilty verdicts from Strasbourg than Germany even had cases pending in the court, even though Germany has 15 times the population of Finland.

    The Baltic States are also far behind Finland in this regard, although to be fair these countries have only had cases pending in the ECHR during this decade. Estonia has had 16, Latvia 31 and Lithuania 40 guilty verdicts. The most embarrassing verdicts for Finland’s public image have been those dealing with freedom of speech. There are already seven such guilty verdicts.”

    Lehtikuva - Reuters - Vincent Kessler

    In order to win a case by the European Court of Human Rights you must pass 5 filters or obstacles.
    See here................
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