June 20: Zombie Planet Earth. A Gallery with pictures from before the 90's and pictures after 2010.

Update on June 16.
 I highly recomment watching those 2 videos.
Dr Don Easterbrook Exposes Climate Change Hoax
<good 90min video>
Climate Scientist Blows Whistle on Chemtrails!

-----------------------June 8 2016
An update

Found interesting documentation. In video and pdf format. Also on various websites
First the gallery with regards to the albedo effect and geoengineering here ...
A page dealing with ultra-low sulfur content in fuel  here ... and my chemtrail galleries here ... links with regards to the global warming hoax here ... and my index page for everything here...
This guy has good links
Aerosol Crimes By Clifford Carnicom
Chemtrail Wolken mit Nano Computer Partikeln (Smart Dust)
Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology
< I have no opinion about the above video yet...>
Jet Aerosol Dumps in the Skies Over Alachua County
The albedo effect and warming
The Albedo Effect Explained With The Daisyworld Model (NASA)
The lower the albedo, the more energy from the Sun is absorbed.
The albedo effect and global warming
Stratospheric Aerosol Injection
<also partly a rant but understandable>
Climate Scientist Confirms Jet Aircraft Dumping Aerosols High In Atmosphere
In this excerpt from a 2009 presentation at CERN, atmospheric scientist - Jasper Kirkby, PhD - confirms undisclosed rainfall and climate modification where jet aircraft are used to deploy 'aerosol dumps" high in the atmosphere.
<min 45 "aerosol dumping">
Jasper Kirkby Confirms Jets Dumping Aerosols High in Atmosphere
into the upper atmosphere by jet aircraft. “These are ... by two decades of jet aircraft aerosol dumps. Dr. Kirkby's ... remain in suspension for up to one year.
According to this website, Aviation fuel runs about $4.55 per gallon
Jet A fuel runs 6.8 lbs per gallon so  $1338/ton
Using Ashkay Burman's figures,
Cruising costs per hour  are
747 - $13,380 per hour
777 - $9366 per hour or 2081 gallons per hour aka 7900 liter. A car will burn 10liter per hour at 100km speed per hour. A 777 burns as much 790 cars per hours
A350 - $7359 per hour
average $6.57  per gallon as of June 7 2016 in New York
1 gallon is 3.7854 liter
Boeing 777 burns 9366$ of fuel per hour. The costs were calculated with $4.55 per gallon. So, how many gallons or liters does a Boeing 777 burn per hour?
  2058.5 gallons or  2058.5*3.7854
  7,792.2459   rounded up 7792.2 liter per hour.
Those were old figures and from the US.
Lets do an update and use figures from Britain.
Fuel prices in London:
A ticket from London to Madrid and back for about 100
Actually I did the calculation already here:
The ticket would cover 66% of the fuel costs but can't be more than 40%.
So where does the airline get the extra cash?

Note to self:
FB/private31 has many interesting captures
IPCC exposed by Donna Laframboise
The inner workings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is exposed and laid bare by Donna Laframboise.