I try once again because some of my pages are a mess.
It's about "persistent-contrails" and "spreading-persistent-contrails" aka CHEMTRAILS!
Where do I start?
Perhaps my personal history with chemtrails because I never seen any "persistent contrails" the first 50 (roughly ) years in my life or any "contrail-cirrus"

  1. Personal history in regards to chemtrails.
  2. A time restricted google search in regards to chemtrails
  3. A timeline in regards to weather manipulation. Copied from the following site but please read first my page for a quick overview.
  4. My own investigatios so far. Older page and newer page...and a newer update here chem/pages/Test 130517.html     ..........
  5. My own collection of links to pdf files from the Internet in regards to chemtrails and/or weather manipulation
  6. The Questions. The page is a bit chaotic. Read 1-5
  7. Lets also look in to the global warming hoax pol/pages/Debunking man-made global warming.html      
  8. A page for the idiots who claim " the government would never do this to us!" pol/pages/False Flag List.html      
  9. The best by Stephan Corbett pol/misc/Best by Steven Corbett.html     
  10. Solar Storm. CO2 cooling the planet
  11. CO2. A cooling or warming gas?
  12. Just a test page and I do hope that my conclussions were acurate and logical.
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