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  1. Newest* From June 8 2016. Geoengineering. One Gallery and 3 interlinked pages with links and extra pictures.
  2. My -----> other chemtrail related pages. Bit mixed up and should edit those links some day. Various articles here ....
  3. Exposing fake contrails and fake cirrus clouds on a
    Youtube video
  4. I did my own investigation based on "scientific" documents. I mean no government agency can be much more honest than a government led by pathological liars and war criminals.
    See here 
    I /pol/pages/Exposing%20Fraud.html  part I and here /Persistent Contrail  part II
  5. Weather data manipulation. "Hide the decline". Exposed here!!!
  6. My personal opinion about "persistent-contrails" aka chemtrails see here........and how I started investgating chemtrails and expanded my knowledge about them.
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  8. The Grey Table aka homogeneous ice nucleation aka forming of cirrus clouds under natural conditions.
  9. The Turquoise Table. Conditions needed to form cirrus clouds over ( by cloud seeding ) polluted USA
  10. Heterogeneous or Homogeneous ( 2 Tables ) Cirrus cloud creation. Whereby heterogeneous is a creation of silver iodide polluted (or similar cloud crating chemicals being mixed in the fuel or dispersed through the airplanes exhaust or directly sprayed via military planes or special weather modification planes ) skies. Over 100 cloud creating patents exists so far.
  11. The Yellow Table. Ice nucleation aka persistent but not spreading contrails which is BS. See my opinion about it.
  12. How to use the online Vaisala humidity calculator and check if my figures in the yellow table and those in the grey table are right-  Updated my tables based on Simon Unterstrasser's work.
  13. Updated my tables on December 12 2013 with regards to ice nucleation and added links to the sources. See here:
  14. Just a link collection of WWW links plugged from my boras link collection. Do your own keyword search "ctrl+f"
  15. Over 100 screen captures of weather related pdf files and links to the original documents. See Here "Weather".
  16. Debunking whore science....
  17. In case you want to do your own research... See here
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       contrail-cirrus gliding between cumulus clouds. Which is impossible unless human-made ice-inducing-nuclei has been added.Links to chemtrail websites.
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So whats next? Collect rainwater. Did this ( first test had a ph of 4,8 but I collected the water after a few heavy rainfalls. Should be within the first 5-10 minutes )
Buy a ph meter. Soon....
Send snow water to a lab and publish the results online.
When the lab results come they showed aluminum oxides and barium.
Aluminum ( a metal ) is not freely avaliable in nature nor does it fload around in the air.
Bauxit ( where people get most of the aluminum ) is not aluminum.
It takes a complicated industrial process to get aluminum out of rocks.
There should be ZERO aluminum in your rainwater or snow.
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