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When you investigate nature you should concentrate on nature and not treat human intervention like plastic or industrial poison as parts of nature.
I'm now talking about investigating cirrus clouds while ignoring geoengineering at the same time.
With geoengineering I mean the spraying of high altitudes of our atmosphere via airplanes with chemicals to whiten the sky.
HAARP plays a important part too in weather manipulation.
Weather manipulation goes as far back as 1918 in the USA and as far as WWII in Britain.
Scientist got enough evidence by 1966 that they suggested manipulating the weather.
"Aerodynamic contrails appear also at cruise levels where they may persist when the ambient atmosphere is ice-supersaturated."
Notice the word "ice-supersaturated".
What is ice saturated?
It's the dew point when it's water and frost point when it's ice.
And what is the frost point in terms of RH ( relative humidity )?
67.5% RH at minus 40 Celsius. This is ice saturation.
Supersaturated means a higher humidity at minus 40 Celsius than the frost point of minus 67.5C
but analysis of data
from the SUCCESS experiment indicates that RH
below -55C is between 70 and 88%. A small amount
of data acquiredo ff-shores uggestst he possibility hat
RH,• may also depend on properties of the aerosols
<after forming which needs higher RH >
Lets take the lowest humidity figure in regards to minus 55 Celsius which is 70%. Compare with my table ( yellow being the frost point ) here...the frost point at minus 55C is 58.2RH.
The minimum RH needed to start cirrus clouds at minus 55C is 75%RH

HM found that
these peak RH values- their empirical
curve- varied from water-saturation at temperatures
above-39C to 75% RH (with respect to water) at-
55C. ttM Mso determined a lower bound on RH,•,• in
the temperature range-35t o-47C- about 10% below
the RHh,• curve- based on the maadmum RH measured
in "clear air" in a non-orographic environment
during FIRE-II.
Lets now take the above figures and take 10% from them away.
"from water-saturation at temperatures
above-39C" water saturation is a RH of 100%
Take 10% away and you have a RH of 90% at minus 39Celsius. See my chart here and compare with the turquoise figures. I'm only 1% off (90%RH at -40C)
"to 75% RH (with respect to water) at-
75% at minus 55C minus 10% = 67.5% RH at minus 55C. My chart shows 75%  ( turquoise figures ) and 58.2%RH ( the yellow figures )
"Over 90% of ice clouds are supersaturated with respect to ice at −45"
At −40C the relative humidity over ice is midway between saturation over ice and liquid
<saturation over ice = frost point aka yellow chart. Midway would be a RH of 83.7%>
(As a general approximation, clouds form when the relative humidity is about 70%.)
The formation of cirrus clouds in the upper troposphere requires that the relative hu-midity (with respect to ice,
RH) exceeds certain freezing thresholds. These are gener-ally much higher than 100%; for instance, homogeneous freezing of aqueous solution
droplets at temperatures below the supercooling limit of pure water (≈−40◦C) needs RHi >140% (Koop et al.,2000)
<scroll down to pol\pages\Exposing Fraud.html  >Since RH with regards to water at minus 40C is RH 148.3 with regards to ice....
How much is 140% RHi  with regards to water? It's 94,4%
According to observations, a large relative humidity with respect to ice, RHi 100%, often persists outside and inside upper tropospheric cirrus ice clouds. The persistence of the large in-cloud RHi means that H2O is slowly deposited onto cloud ice crystals. This unusual physical situation is similar to one in which a released body would slowly fall owing to gravitation. Here we present a physical mechanism which can be responsible for the persistence of large in-cloud RHi. We find that clear-sky RHi up to 176% can be built up prior to the formation of ice cirrus by the homogeneous freezing of aqueous droplets containing H2SO4 and HNO3.
Factors of Cirrus
Consequently, to form and persist, cirrus
require relative humidities over ice (RHI) that exceed 100%; hence cirrus
develop predominantly in ice-supersaturated regions.
Independent measurements in
an aerosol chamber as well as in the fi eld have confi rmed the critical RHI
(~150–170%) (Mhler et al. 2003; Haag et al. 2003; Hoyle et al. 2005),
Concussion: If you are looking for naturally formed cirrus clouds look at the turquoise figures ( already downward compromised )
Anything lower than the turquoise figures id clear evidence of man-made nuclei dispersed via airplanes or HAARP manipulations

150% supersaturation with regards to ice translates in 101% saturation with regards to water.
Under natural conditions. You add human made nuclei delievered via aircraft and the game changes. See pdf document RH_WMO ....

RH-WMO = RH with regards to water
RH-Standard = RH with regards to ice
Above 100% is "supersaturated"

I'm sticking to the turquoise figures ( already downward compromised ).
Anything else is chemtrails, chemhaze, chemclouds and/or HAARP:

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