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I will try to figure some things out based on scientific documents.
I know NASA is a government agency and can not be full trusted.
This said I start with  various keywords and try to figure things out.
#Persistent-contrail that is spreading
#Natural cirrus

I think that one is easy.
Needs a temperature of at least -39 Celsius and can form at any humidity.
At a Relative Humidity RH of 5% it will last only a few seconds.
At a relative humidity RH of 50% might last about 30 seconds.

Persistent-Contrail ( never saw any the first 50 years of my life)
The surrounding air must the very least have reached the frost point aka ice saturation.
Others disagree and say at least a supersaturation with regards to ice RHi of at least 110% or more

Persistent-contrail that is spreading
It depends.
Is a homogeneous ice nucleation taking place ( in the Southern hemisphere this is the case but not in the Northern hemisphere )
Or a heterogeneous ice nucleation ( suggested this is the case in the Northern Hemisphere )

"...for typical values of 130% relative humidity with respect to ice compared to the
 saturated profiles are found. This is also important for the local dynamics within the
 supersaturated layers
 or homogeneous nucleation,
  which is probably the dominant mechanism for forming ice crystals at low temperatures
  (T<38C) relative humidities in the range 140–170% RHi, depending on temperature
<see my above Turquoise table>
 [Koop etal., 2000], are required. For heterogeneous nucleation, the
 freezing thresholds are smaller, probably in the range 110–140%RHi
  [e.g.,Mohler et al., 2006;DeMott et al., 2003].
 [3] The properties and global distributions of ice super-
 saturated regions (ISSRs) were discovered during the last
 years [e.g.,Gierens et al., 1999, 2000;Spichtinger et al.
 ,2003a, 2003b;Gettelman et al., 2006]. "

Since I never saw a "persistent-contrail" the first 50 years of my life in Europe I believe prior to the year 2001 that the only way a "persistent-contrail" could form was
as homogeneous ice nucleation requiring a RHi ( relative humidity with regards to ice ) of 140-170%
This would perfectly fit with the figures in the turquoise table and with ..........
\tracking\Heymsfield et al GRL 1998.pdf
Earlier findings are supported that RH,• in
mid-latitude, continental environments decreases from
water-saturation at temperatures above-39ÝC to 75%
RH at-55ÝC. <table>
data indicate that RH•,,c below-55ÝC is between 70
and 88%. RH,•,c may also dependo on characteristics of
the aerosol
Andrew J. Heymsfield, Larry M. Miloshevich, and Cynthia Twohy
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO
Glen Sachse
NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA
Samuel Oltmans
NOAA Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory, Boulder, CO
" may also depend n characteristics of
the aerosol"
Silver iodide perhaps?
decreases from
water-saturation at temperatures above-39ÝC to 75%
RH at-55ÝC. "
Later he changed his mind and said not water saturation but close to water saturation.
What Heymsfield said is very, very close to my figures in the turquoise table.
Table:All 3
  natural cirrus        contrail-cirrus             chemtrail?

I'm only 1 Celsius degree of in the minus 40 Celsius range but spot on on the minus 55 Celsius range.
The title of the document was:
"Upper-tropospheric relative humidity observations
and implications for cirrus ice nucleation"
OK. It's about cirrus clouds. So every time you see cirrus clouds, check the humidity in the upper atmosphere and compare with the figures in the turquoise table.
"Some de-gree of ice-supersaturation must have been present in
the clear air to maintain the contraill, but a higher icesupersaturation
must be required to produce ice crystals
from the ambient aerosol population."

Natural formed cirrus clouds:
The relative humidity with respect to ice increases up to a
critical threshold RHcrit of supersaturation as high as 150%,
before nucleation begins under conditions of low temperature
and large difference between the vapour pressures of liquid
water and ice saturation.
Those are even higher figures than those in my turquoise table
Food for thought:
Previous studies of in-cloud and clear sky water vapour
measurements in the upper troposphere reveal high supersaturations with respect to ice
occasionally exceeding even water saturation.
1.2.2 Supersaturation inside and outside of cirrus clouds
In the complete
absence of aerosols, cloud droplets could not form without supersaturations of several
hundred percent.
Consequently aerosols largely affect the initial cloud droplet number
concentration, cloud lifetime and albedo (Giannakaki et al., 2009).
As described by IPCC (2007), uncertainties about the aerosol effects for mineral dust
are particularly high.
The solid curve where all solutions freeze is the freezing temperature threshold. For
example, at temperatures lower than 233 K (-40◦C) this process requires airmasses in a
state of substantial supersaturation which is generally larger than 40% (Spichtinger et al.,
presented by
Dipl. Geogr., University of Zurich
born 16 March 1978
citizen of Switzerland
accepted on the recommendation of
Prof. Dr. T. Peter, examiner
Dr. F. G. Wienhold, co-examiner
Dr. H. V®omel, co-examiner
So what has changed in the last 12 years? Because I never saw any damn "persistent-contrails" the first 50 years in my life.
Did air traffic increase? Yeah, by a factor of 100% but this does not explain the difference between Zero "persistent-contrails" to seeing almost every day "persistent-contrails"
The magic word is "Aerosols".
Read below from the capture:

See: Fletcher1968a
Or download from there:
No persistent contrail can form ( spreading or not ) if silver iodide or similar chemicals were not added in the atmosphere by airplanes.
Unless..... the RHi ( relative humidity with regards to ice ) is somewhere between 140-170%
I see 2 ways how it's done.
1) By very high flying airplanes spraying chemicals in the stratosphere. Altitude 13.000 - 15.000 meter
2) By airplanes ( mainly super cheap airlines that get paid spraying chemicals ), private, commercial or military.
HAARP is another way of creating clouds or using the weather as a weapon ( owning the weather by 2025 = google it )
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