avixe applications menue

To write text. You can copy from pdf and in to abiword. http://www.nl.abisource.com/languages.phtml
dictionaries for abiword
40tude Dialog= news server configured to work with Sonera = Deleted. To slow
Audacity=audio player recorder
Camstudio=record and save flash file
clipsecure=encrypt text
convert temperatur, weight etc.
cryptor=encrypts text
DraveSpacio=tells you how much space you have
Easy Thumbnails=
egg=gallery maker
eTextReader= reads
FileZilla=FTP program
FireFox= Works together with Vidalia and Tor
flvconveryor=convert any video to flash flv
Gimpp = Drawing program
The Guide = Like notepad but you can link them in tree view
winhip = hides text in picture
HTMLImager = converts your picture to HTML code
iDD = Daily Diary book that is password protected. Accepts weblinks and pictures
IrfanView = Picture viewer and more
JPEGsnoop = tells you with what camera the picture was taken
Kompozer = Very good html maker
ConnectionWatcher = Shows you where to your programs are connected to.
MWSnap = Not portable but I made it portable. The best I know
Like texpad but with enchanged features
Like the above but to many options

Converts from one movie format to an other but you would need all 4 of them
Perfect ftp program but works only from PC
Encrypts text
Tells you the number of a color
Works fine as a anonymous proxy. Is changing IP at random every 30 minutes. No AOL
If you have your own email account from your ISP you can use this program to connect to your email account from anywhere
Configured to work with Saunalahti. Very slow and is crashing often. News Reader
Tells you about your files on your hard disk
Various html pages to encrypt text

Cuts a picture in 2-20 parts and makes html pages for every part and combines them in one page
SSMM=audio player
Task Coach = is an organizer, I don't need it
News Reader with spell checker
ButtonzandTilez = good but won't work in Vista
unfreeze=gif animation maker

whois search  but domaintools.com is better
hides text in picture
Highly recomended but crap
The best movie player
News Reader
XnViewPortable = good picture viewer with effects by choice
a standalone application to make galleries in html. the best so far
Newest Adds:since september 2010
Hide text in a picture. Non encrypted
Make charts with text and arrows and more...
Creates list of files and folders. Export as txt or html
The folllowing programs are outside the folder applications of my flash stick
Opens zip files and Rar files
Good organizer and free besite a small nag popup
Good organizer but no use so far
The best brakeout game
A old favorite of my with seed numbers

click, cybermind, MahjonggII, Memory Puzzle, my flash games, space brakeout, xcog95sh, Yahtzee Deluxe, Yambo, bacteria = difficult game
Various organizers. Haven't tried them yet

A old but good program to learn Finnish
in mygames/games-old
in mygames/games-old = Disk Data, good and quick program

Newest 2 programs in  E:\applications as of December 29 2010
It counts like you would count on paper. % don't work. You can copy the calculations
Finds file and folders. Vista is very bad for finding files. The program is small and very fast